Mission & Vision

Our History

ERBC was established in 1947, being incorporated successively as Bethel Baptist Church, Parkallen Baptist Church, Lansdowne Baptist Church and now Ellerslie Road Baptist Church.  We are affiliated with the Baptist General Conference of Canada.  From its small beginnings the church has grown over the years.  Major expansion took place during the 1970s, when we moved to Lansdowne.  Early in the 1980s a property on Ellerslie Road was purchased with a view to further expansion.  The present facility of 55,000 square feet was built in 1993.  The sanctuary seats 1000, with excellent acoustics, a large platform area, natural lighting and good sight lines.  There is a nursery wing, office area, classrooms on both levels, a gymnasium and kitchen facilities.

Mission Statement

o Our mission is to make disciples who love God, love people and serve the world.

Core Values Summary and Commentary

o Surrendering to God’s Word: Accepting the Bible to be the revealed Word of God, completely true and trustworthy, and the final authority in all matters of faith and conduct, we will surrender all of ourselves to its perspectives and directives.

o Transforming Gospel: We believe that the “Good News” of God is that we can be restored to a relationship with Him through Christ’s death on the cross. Responding in faith to this unfathomable grace is the basis of being transformed into who we were created as humans to be.

o Generous Worship: We believe that the only consistent response to the extravagant grace of God is whole-hearted worship – giving all of ourselves to all of God, and giving open-handedly to the needs of others as God has to our deepest needs.

o Courageous Community: We embrace the radical, “belonging to one another” nature of the Body of Christ, and give ourselves to transparency with each other, acceptance of each other, accountability to each other, and building up of each other, relating to each other in accordance with the fruit of the Spirit.

o Inescapable Mission: We believe we are reconciled to a relationship with God to join him in his mission of restoring all things to Himself. We give ourselves to being on mission together, joining Jesus in his passion and mission to “make disciples” of all who recognize their “lost-ness” apart from him.

Strategic Goals

o Intentional Missional Groups

Our desire is to re-organize our Adult Ministries with intentional missional groups as the core delivery mechanism. These mid-sized community groups grow together in loving each other like an extended family, and who intentionally orient their lives together around the Good News of Jesus within a neighbourhood or sub-culture in society. Based upon life-stage, networks, neighbourhoods, or needs, these groups provide an entry point for those outside the church, an integration point for those inside the church, as well as an opportunity for all to learn, serve, connect and reach out together.

o Vibrant Children and Young Family Ministry

Reaching the future generations for Jesus Christ, and meaningfully engaging their families, not only helps to fulfill Jesus’ command to proclaim the Gospel, but will also strengthen ERBC for years to come. A vibrant Children and Young Family ministry will attract and engage those who are not presently in a committed relationship with Jesus Christ, seek to bring them into community, and minister to everyone.

o Common Discipleship Pathway

All people are either on a journey towards a relationship with Jesus Christ, or have personally accepted Him as their Lord and Saviour, and have the potential to deepen this relationship. A Common Discipleship Pathway will enable each person to identify where they are on this journey, where they can engage with others, and what the next step looks like. “