As we open the book of Genesis and look at the first eleven chapters, we find ourselves with a lot of questions: Is the world thousands of years old or millions or even billions of years old? Did God create the world in seven literal days, figurative days, or thousands of years? Are Adam and Eve real people who engaged a real snake? Did the Flood and the Tower of Babel actually happen? These are all great questions – but maybe there is something even greater to discover.

Sometimes in our quest to find answers, we miss what God is up to in the creation narrative. We miss the fact that God is the main character who created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. We miss that God watched as sin entered the world and he promised an answer. We miss what God wants to teach us through the flood and the tower of Babel. The opening chapters of Genesis are a theological history, with God as the main character, and revealing the greater story behind the story.

Over the next two months, you’ll continue to hear from Joel, David, and myself as well as some guest preachers. So, whether you’re in-person or joining us from the cabin, the mountains, or wherever your summer takes you, let’s go back to where it all began, Genesis: The Beginning.


Before you go deeper with some of these studies, Listen through these teachings to establish a foundation.

going Deeper

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