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*Our onsite kid's church is currently suspended in lieu of Covid-19 restrictions*

We can't wait to see your kids! To keep everyone safe, we have 5 main things you need to know:

1. Check-in: After checking in at ekids central, preschoolers will be escorted to their classroom down the hallway and elementary kids will be directed straight upstairs where our hallway overseer will help them find the correct classroom. Unless needed (or new attendees), parents will be asked to not walk kids to classrooms.

  • No Nursery will be available at this time but our new Parent's Room is available
  • Preschool Program (Ages 2-5) - Room 126 & 127
  • Elementary Program (Grade 1-6) - Upstairs
Our onsite kid's church has limited spots right now in order to allow for distancing and balance out our smaller ministry team. Because of this, we ask for your family to pre-register at

2. Cleaning & Sanitization: Washrooms will be cleaned throughout the service, parents will be called for diaper changing needs, furniture and toys will be sanitized after each service, and no snack will be served during the programs.

3. Physical Distancing: Masks for Ages 2+ are required for entrance to the church building as it is a public space. Within our Age 2-K classroom we will be encouraging your kids to keep their masks on but if they are causing more issues than helping, they will be removed and placed aside to be picked up at check-out time. To encourage physical distancing, classes will have a smaller capacity, toys will be spaced out, seating will be spread out, and craft/game supplies will not be shared. Siblings within the same program will be placed in the same class to reduce the number of different family groups in a room.

4. Check-Out: We ask that just one parent (not older siblings) pick up the child(ren) from the classroom. If you have both elementary and preschool children, please pick up elementary children first by entering through the main stairwell and exit through the south stairwell. Upon picking your children up, please proceed to the nearest exit.

5. Sickness: Children will not be accepted into our program if they are showing signs or symptoms of any illness. If this occurs, the whole family will be asked to go home and do church online instead.


On-Site Kids Church / Sundays / 10:30am


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Contact keLsey eichelt for more information on Online Kids Church.