Small Groups

The Most Important Way That We Journey With God and Each Other”

 Small Groups are the primary vehicles for life-transformation at ERBC.  Through these groups we will build strong relationships with God, our congregation, and the community.  Small Groups are not only places where we share and pray, but are actually places where we are making a Kingdom impact together.  At ERBC our Small Groups are categorized as either   Home Groups or Care Groups.

Home Groups

Growing Into the Image of Christ Together”

 All home groups are a regular gathering of believers who meet together in an effort to pursue God, love one another and serve others.  Home Groups provide fellowship and mutual support so that the church can have an impact in their community.  By participating in a Home Group, your spiritual walk will deepen as you discover regular opportunities to grow in your faith and knowledge of God.


Care Groups

Walking Through the Difficulties of Life Together”

Care groups are special focus groups that meet on a weekly basis to study a particular need-based topic for a specified period of time.  If there is a need that you require care for that is not address here, please contact us.  We would like the opportunity to connect you with the appropriate person or organization that can offer you the care you require.