Re-Gathering Update

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"Behold, how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity."

You may recognize that from Psalm 133 which is actually more significant for us at this time than we might realize.  Psalm 133 is part of a package of 15 songs, 15 prayers, that are commonly referred to as Psalms of Ascent.  Every year the nation of Israel would gather together to celebrate Passover and many people who lived in the towns and countryside surrounding Jerusalem would make the journey to this great city after being apart from each other for the past year.  As they drew close and began to walk up the hill, the families would recite these Psalms and remind themselves of the privilege they have in being God’s people.

This is the privilege we also share as God’s people and it has been a long time since many of us have physically gathered together.  We understand that not everyone feels comfortable meeting together in person, and so we’re committed to continuing with a great online presence and creating connecting opportunities from the comfort of your own home.

As we potentially enter a third wave before our nation receives the vaccine, we want to encourage you to remain vigilant and listen to the public health guidance.  As much as many of us WANT to be together again, if you feel uncomfortable coming to the building, don’t feel guilty about that at all!  Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and join us for online worship.

However, for people who WOULD like to be in-person, we’re looking forward to opening up our doors on Sunday, April 11th, for a 9:00 am traditions service and our 11:00 am contemporary service.  Just like in the Fall, registration for these two services will open up Wednesday at noon.  One very important note, kids' church will only be available during our 11:00 am service at this time.

Our team has put a lot of thought into how and when we would once again open our doors and worship together on Sundays.  One of the reasons for an April 11 start date is the vaccine roll-out.  With more and more people having been vaccinated, along with following the AB health guidelines, we are confident we can meet with a very high degree of safety.

Another reason for the timing of our re-launch is the springtime weather, making it easy to connect outdoors after the service. While we come to church to worship God, we also come to spend time with our friends and meet new people!  In doing our best to respect physical distancing, we can once again enjoy the foyer of the great outdoors with lots of room to spread out.

Finally, April 11th will also be Pastor Mel’s last Sunday as our Lead Pastor and while we’ll be having a zoom farewell that evening, for many of us the best way for us to have closure will come and be physically present.

This past year has been difficult for all of us.  As decisions are made by our politicians, by our employers, and even by our churches, there are some decisions that we find easy to support fully and some decisions that are a little more difficult to swallow.  As we move forward together, I reflect on Psalm 133 in another light.  “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.”  As I move into the role of Lead Pastor, I think of the fitting tribute to what Pastor Mel has led us into and I’m grateful.  Unity in our church, unity as a board, and unity among our staff.  I feel grateful and honoured, and invite you to pray with me that we will be able to build well on that foundation as we re-gather.  I invite you to join us, unified, and working in the same direction, to make Jesus famous and bring him into life in SW Edmonton.

- Pastor Dave Schmidt



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