Childhood is the most important time in forming who a person will become. At Ellerslie, we have activities that engage and guide nearly 200 children each week. Ways to serve include teachers, nursery workers, e-check in, techs, and more.


In only a few hours every week or two, you can make an impact that lasts a lifetime. At Ellerslie, we have Sunday discipleship, mid-week groups, and Friday activities for our youth. We are always looking for more team members to join our team.


Spiritual growth at Ellerslie revolves around group life. Large or small, on-campus or at home, everyone is bringing Jesus into life. Ways to serve include small group leaders, hosts, kitchen workers, teachers, and so much more.

First Impressions

You'll never have a second chance to make a first impression. We want to create such an inviting environment, you’ll never want to leave. Ways to serve include ushers, greeters, décor team, coffee servers, and more


Leading from the front isn’t about talent and the spotlight, it’s about inviting the entire church family to worship and praise an awesome king. Ways to serve include all kinds of musicians and vocalists.


Great production means no one even notices you’re there. Perfect lighting, balanced sound, flawless video, a weekly challenge of excellence. Ways to serve include lighting, sound techs, producers, and more.


We are called to make followers of Jesus in all nations and we take that call seriously. At Ellerslie we fulfill that call in three ways; local cross-cultural ministries, short-term missions, and missionary care.


God loves beauty and order and we want to take care of the building he’s given us. Besides, some of us like serving behind the scenes! Ways to serve include painting, kitchen, handy-work, renos, set-up and more.


Every week we invite people to be good managers of God’s money. Every week we need financial stewards to manage that money well. Ways to serve are finance team, teaching classes and more.