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As a young adult a lot of changes happen real quick. In only a handful of years you can go from senior in high school to a professional career. We want to meet you where you’re at, and to do that we’ve created four groups that meet weekly on their own and occasionally all together.

Young Men – This group is made of young men, mostly 18-22, who meet together every Monday night in different homes and restaurants to discuss the Bible, life, and accountability. Learn more by connecting with Kyle Johnston.

College and Career – This group is full of people 18-25 who gather every Monday night at the church to have Bible study, great discussion, and a really good time. Learn more by connecting with David Holzmann.

Young Professionals – This group is filled with people who are starting their careers (25-30ish) and are looking for like-minded people. They meet every Monday night at a home minutes from the church to discuss the morning’s message. Learn more by connecting with Kelsey Eichelt.

Young Marrieds - This group is for those recently married. Join a great group of couples who journey together and encourage one another as we navigate through the challenges of marriage and young adulthood. Learn more by connecting with David Holzmann


Our groups meet every week. To learn more, please contact:

David Holzmann