Meet Our Youth Leaders

Jr High Leaders


Grade 7 Girls Leader

I am in school studying bilingual nursing at UofA. A few of my favourite things are the mountains, hanging out with friends and oat milk lattes.


Grade 7 Girls Leader

I work as a psych nurse. I enjoy spending time with my husband and family. I enjoy working with plants. I love old music and old movies, the good stuff.


Grade 7 Girls Leader

I love being active and moving, and LOVE volleyball and played it for forever, but i also love calm and quiet and just sitting, especially at coffeeshops. I love coffee, and i actually work at a coffeeshop in Camrose. I also just finished 2 years of bible school at HisHill, TX.


Grade 7 Guys Leader

I am currently in my first year of university at MacEwan taking buisness, I work at Cabela's as a cashier part-time and I love playing all kinds of sports.


Grade 7 Guys Leader

I am in my first year at UofA for Biochemistry! I enjoy playing the cello and going out to eat.


Grade 7 Guys Leader

I enjoy playing all sorts of sports including hockey, football, basketball, and volleyball. I am currently working as a 1st year electrical apprentice.


Grade 8 Girls Leader

I am currently in my third year of Nursing at the UofA and i hope to work in the areas of maternity or oncology in the future! I love to visit coffeeshops with friends and read in my free time.


Grade 8 Girls Leader

I am in my second year of elementary education at the UofA. I enjoy working with kids and youth and going out for coffee with friends.


Grade 8 Girls Leader

I am a second year student at UofA studying immunology and Infection. I'm a sucker for overpriced coffee shops, farmers markets and cute pens.


Grade 8 Guys Leader

I am currently studying engineering at the UofA. I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve this year!


Grade 8 Guys Leader

I enjoy going outdoors, playing sports and video games. I am currently going to Macewan for nursing.


Grade 8 Guys Leader

I love working outside, spending time with youth and friends, hiking, board games, and the Lord!I am entering my last year of an Education After degree and hope to teach high school science afterwords.


Grade 9 Girls Leader

I am in my 3rd year of Nursing at the UofA.I enjoy playing music, visiting coffee shops and spending time with family and friends.


Grade 9 Girls Leader

I am working in a group home with youth. I am newly married and enjoying my new career alongside my husband.


Grade 9 Girls Leader

I am a university student taking sciences in psychology at the UofA. I love doing things outside such as: hiking, backpacking, canoeing, skiing, etc.


Grade 9 Guys Leader

I am currently studying Immunology at the University of Alberta. I love music, cooking/baking, and YOUTH MINISTRY!


Grade 9 Guys Leader

I'm in school to be a coder. I enjoy gaming and I run a school club for it.


Grade 9 Guys Leader

I'm a computer science student at the UofA. I work as a software tester and I like video games and programming.


Grade 9 Guys Leader

I am in my third year at the UofA studying biological sciences. In my free time I am trying to learn the guitar, bass, and drums.

Sr. High Leaders


Grade 10 Girls Leader

Hey I’m Rachel! I am one of the grade 10 girls youth leaders. This is my second year volunteering in youth, and I’m super excited to be back working with the youth this year. In my spare time I like to read books, paint, and go to the mountains. I just graduated from MacEwan and am currently working in the Catholic School system doing speech therapy with elementary aged kids.


Grade 10 girls Leader

I'm currently working full-time with special needs kids! I spend most of my time chilling in my hammock reading, doing roadtrips to the mountains, and serving in youth ministry.


Grade 10 Guys Leader

I am working on my masters in Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy cooking, rock climbing, and reading. I have a beautiful wife and little cat.


Grade 10 guys Leader

I am a third year pharmacology student studying at the UofA. In my spare time, I enjoy solving puzzles, playing piano and writing.


Grade 11 Girls Leader

Hi! I currently work as one of the Youth directors here at Ellerslie. As well I am currently working on my Masters degree in Next Gen Leadership. In my free time you can find me with a good book, hanging out with friends, or searching for some local coffeeshops!


Grade 11 girls Leader

I am currently studying Biological Sciences at the UofA. I also work part time as a barista at Starbucks. Some of my current favourite hobbies are bullet journaling and embroidery.


Grade 11 Guys Leader

I'm a mechanical engineering student at the UofA. I enjoy snowboarding, motorcycling, and playing music.


Grade 11 Guys Leader

I work as an electrician. Some of my hobbies are building engines and working on cars.


Grade 11 guys Leader

 Im 22, love playing any kind of sport, getting a good donair and reading a good book! Always down to get a game of spikeball going and also down to have a good chat!


Grade 12 Girls Leader

I work in post partum at the Grey Nuns and I am in love with helping encourage first time parents in their new role with their kiddos! I love trying out fun recipes at home, like making my own kimchi and hot sauce


Grade 12 girls Leader

Hello! I recently graduated with a bachelors in education and am now teaching for the public school system.


Grade 12 Guys Leader

Just graduated from university this past spring and started a new job this summer (continuing this year) 🙂 I enjoy hiking, playing board games with friends (and at youth) and talking about faith in Jesus.


Grade 12 guys Leader

Hey! I'm working here at the Technical Director and I have the privilege of overseeing both the production infrastructure and team members. I am deeply passionate about creating welcoming environments through innovative uses of audio, lighting and media. i am also highly excited about discipling, walking alongside youth to support, love and lead the next generation.

worship & tech team


youth worship band

I am a power engineer and I enjoy gardening, basketball, photography and listening to records in my spare time. I recently got married in the early spring and I am enjoying the new responsibilities and challenges of being a husband.


youth tech team lead

I am currently in school at the kings university for education to teach highschool. I always enjoy volunteering and helping at the church with tech and youth group!


youth worship band lead

Hello!!! My name is Jiho, and i love being crazy and goofy! Sometimes too much that people can’t handle me! Haha! I love people and everything about them! That is why i love serving at different areas at the church ESPECIALLY AT YOUTH! They’re a hecka lot of fun!

hospitality & missions team


photographer/social media

I am currently taking my masters for counselling psychology. I am into photography and I am also writing a book in my spare time.



I am currently enrolled at Nait training to become a Veterinary Medical Assistant. I love doing worship at the church and playing my guitar.


serve team lead

Hi, I'm Susanna! I'm a third year nursing student at the University of Alberta. I volunteer with Ellerslie Youth as the Serve Team Lead, coordinating projects and events for Youth to serve their communities. When I'm not volunteering or at the hospital, you can find me rock climbing or hiking.