Meet Our Youth Leaders

Jr High Leaders


Grade 7 Girls Leader

I am in my second year of nursing at the UofA. I love going to coffee shops with friends in my free time (when I’m not studying haha). I loved youth group when I was younger and I am so excited to be a leader for the grade 7 girls (they are the best)!


Grade 7 Girls Leader

I am in my first year of biological sciences at the University of Alberta. I'm hoping to get into med school afterwards! I love walks in the ravine, plants and coffee shops. Youth group was one of my favourite parts of the week when I was in high school and I'm so excited to be a leader for the younger girls now!


Grade 7 Girls Leader

I go to the University of Alberta for elementary education. I have gone to erbc for my entire life and was a youth there myself, so it is really exciting for me to finally be a leader!


Grade 7 Girls Leader

I am a registered nurse and I am currently working in psychiatry.


Grade 7 Guys Leader

I am a grade 12 student at Harry Ainlay, I enjoy playing sports, being outside and playing games.


Grade 7 Guys Leader

I’ve gone to Ellerslie my whole life and my favourite thing to do is play hockey.


Grade 7 Guys Leader

Hi! my name is Kyle. I've been privileged to be involved in the youth group at Ellerslie for the past thirteen years. This year I am helping to host the online zoom youth group. I am also in my first year of education after degree program at the University of Alberta. I am hoping to be a secondary science teacher.


Grade 8 Girls Leader

I’m in my fourth year at U of A in psychology and sociology majors. I also enjoy reading and spending time outdoors!


Grade 8 Girls Leader

I am in my 2nd year of nursing at the University of Alberta! Currently, I am co-leading the grade 8 girls at Ellerslie youth. I have also been given the opportunity to lead worship at youth. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I like sports like, skiing, tennis and enjoy playing music.


Grade 8 Girls Leader

I am in first-year sciences at the U of A. I have been attending/serving at Ellerslie for as long as I can remember. some of my favorite things to do in my free time are: rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, pretty much anything outside, and trying new things. I am a huge fan of serving the Lord and eating fresh-baked bread. This year I could not be more excited to walk alongside the grade 8 girls.


Grade 8 Guys Leader

This year I am studying computing science at the University of Alberta, except I'm actually studying from home since we're online for the foreseeable future.


Grade 8 Guys Leader

I am 19, currently taking computer science and math at the U of A, I like to code and play video games.


Grade 8 Guys Leader

I am a student at the University of Alberta studying immunology and infection. This is my second year of youth leading, and I'm so excited for another year of youth! I love music and look forward to also singing on the youth worship team.


Grade 8 Guys Leader

I’m a second-year U of A biology student.


Grade 9 Girls Leader

I am in my second and last year of university to practice speech therapy! I have worked with kids my whole life and currently am a nanny for a 9-month-old baby as well as part-time in a daycare with preschoolers. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, hanging out with friends, going on road trips, cooking, and learning the ukulele.


Grade 9 Girls Leader

I am currently working as an early learning educator.


Grade 9 Girls Leader

Hi, my name’s Susie and I’m so stoked to be a youth leader this year! When I'm not hanging out at church, I'm studying nursing at the UofA or doing research on various projects for Alberta health services. I spend my free time rock climbing, reading books, and playing the piano.


Grade 9 Guys Leader

I am engaged to Renae as well I’m in my fifth and final year for mechanical engineering co-op.


Grade 9 Guys Leader

I am a second year student in the pharmacology program at the UofA.


Grade 9 Guys Leader

I am a science student at the University of Alberta whose hobbies include trivia, puzzle-solving, and gaming.

Sr. High Leaders


Grade 10 Girls Leader

I am 22 years old and am a university student. I am originally from Bonnyville but I live in Edmonton now because of school. I am almost done with my degree in psychology.


Grade 10 Girls Leader

I graduated from Macewan university in the spring and am currently working as a speech-language pathologist assistant in Cold Lake. I love photography and playing my guitar.


Grade 10 Guys Leader

I'm currently in my third year of mechanical engineering and am doing a co-op job as a process engineer that started in January. For hobbies, I like to snowboard and play guitar.


Grade 10 Guys Leader

I am currently at PRBI (peace river bible institute).


Grade 11 Girls Leader

I am in my last semester of nursing school doing my preceptorship in obstetrics at the Wetaskiwin Hospital. I am getting married this upcoming July.


Grade 11 girls Leader

Hello! My name is Amaranta and I am the grade 11 girls leader. I am so happy to be a part of Ellerslie's youth group for another year. This year I am in my fourth year in the secondary education program at the UofA.


Grade 11 Guys Leader

I’m in my 4th year of materials engineering, as well I’m excited to be doing youth again


Grade 12 Girls Leader

I'm currently in my 3rd year at UofA getting my bachelor's degree in science majoring in biology. I'm originally from SK but moved to Edmonton to go to school and have been attending and helping out with you at Ellerslie ever since.


Grade 12 guys Leader

I've been involved with Ellerslie youth for the past couple of years and love teaching kids about Jesus and creating genuine relationships. I'm currently a student studying psychology at the University of Alberta.

Youth team support


worship leader

I was previously a youth leader up until June of 2020, and have now joined our youth group to serve in a different way. I am now a working man! I am wanting to spread Christ's love to everyone surrounding me.


Tech Leader