The book of Psalms is divinely inspired, covering the entire spectrum of human emotion.  While many of the prayers could be broadly categorized as praise or lament, they are also so much more nuanced than that.  We read about anger, frustration, vengeance, and confession, while also engaging with joy, thanksgiving, forgiveness, and the coming Messiah.  Even within the larger book of Psalms, we see five smaller books, giving us broad strokes of the story of David’s royal family, the exile of Israel, and the promise of a future temple and king, closing with five powerful songs of praise.

Over the next eight weeks, we will embrace these emotions, understanding both the power of lament and praise and be reminded that much like Jesus and the Israelites before him, we too are exiles, awaiting the fullness of God’s kingdom.


Before you go deeper with some of these studies, Listen through these teachings to establish a foundation.

going Deeper

Go deeper into the themes and teachings of this series. We recommend working through these in the community, like a small group or triad. Take what you're already learning on Sunday and go deeper. Many of the resources on this page are from RightNow Media. Make your free account here.

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