Mission and Values

our mission is to make disciples who love god, love people and serve the world.

Surrendering To God's Word

Accepting the Bible to be the revealed Word of God, completely true and trustworthy, and the final authority in all matters of faith and conduct, we will surrender all of ourselves to its perspectives and directives.

Transforming Gospel

We believe that the “Good News” of God is that we can be restored to a relationship with Him through Christ’s death on the cross. Responding in faith to this unfathomable grace is the basis of being transformed into who we were created as humans to be.

Generous Worship

We believe that the only consistent response to the extravagant grace of God is whole-hearted worship – giving all of ourselves to all of God, and giving open-handedly to the needs of others as God has to our deepest needs.

Courageous Community

We embrace the radical, “belonging to one another” nature of the Body of Christ, and give ourselves to transparency with each other, acceptance of each other, accountability to each other, and building up of each other, relating to each other in accordance with the fruit of the Spirit.

Inescapable Mission

We believe we are reconciled to a relationship with God to join him in his mission of restoring all things to Himself. We give ourselves to being on mission together, joining Jesus in his passion and mission to “make disciples” of all who recognize their “lost-ness” apart from him.