Our Focus

our guiding priorities.

Church planting: The primary human organization God desires to create and use to help people relate to him is the local church. Because of that, we believe we need to partner with organizations and efforts in which there is a clear link to the planting of local churches.

Equipping students and the national church: Because it is often the “next generation” that is most open to pursuing Jesus, we want to encourage partnerships that have a focus on ministry to students. We also believe that we are called to support partnerships that help local churches in other cultures become strong and effective in their own efforts to reach people for Jesus beyond their own cultural boundaries.

Ministries to Muslims: We believe that one distinct global cultural group that we need to build bridges with and introduce them to the God they are looking for is the world of Islam. In light of that, one of our priorities is to develop and support partners who are effectively doing this, both in Canada and around the world.


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