kids church

helping kids meet jesus

at ellerslie We are committed to creating a safe, fun, and loving space where kids can learn to know, love, and serve God!



If you are new, please visit ekids central in the foyer to complete a family registration form. You will then be able to use our self check-in stations to check-in your child and print off both your child's name tag as well as their pick-up tag. Our team will help you find the correct classroom for your child. Classroom doors open 10 minutes before the service.


Parent's Room

If you have little ones who need to stay with you, we have a Parent's Room located next to the nursery for your convenience. The service is live streamed here so you can remain engaged in what's happening in the auditorium while your little one plays.
Room 125 (West Hallway)


Nursery | Ages 6 - 23 months

A place where babies are lovingly cared for as they play and learn about God.
Room 123 (West Hallway)


Early Childhood | Ages 2 - Kindergarten

Classes are filled with fun songs, exciting story videos, interactive teaching, and tasty snacks that all point to the weekly Bible message.

Age 2 - Room 126 (West Hallway)
Age 3 - Room 127 (West Hallway)
Pre-Kinder - Room 143 (South Hallway)
Kindergarten - Room 145 (South Hallway)


elementary + preteen | grades 1-6

In ekids church, our goal is to inspire students to understand how God can be a part of their everyday lives through engaging music, meaningful Bible teaching, and interactive small groups.

You will be able to pick up your child after the service in the following locations:

Grade 1 - Room 227
Grade 2 - Room 228
Grade 3 - Room 229
Grade 4 - Room 230
Grades 5/6 - Room 222



Show your pick-up tag to check-out your child from their classroom. Only grade 5 and 6 students are dismissed 5 minutes after the main service concludes. 

Each Sunday your child will be given a take home sheet, which includes discussion starters and devotionals to reinforce at home what they are learning in ekids church.


ekids Store

To encourage active Bible learning, elementary students have the opportunity to earn ekids bucks for completing various tasks such as bringing their Bibles, memorizing verses, and participation. Following ekids church, students can use their ekids bucks at our ekids store to buy treats and more!


Giving Project

Generosity is an attitude that can lead your entire life. To help your children develop a regular habit of giving, encourage them to drop off coins into one of our three giving boxes on Sundays. You can find them beside Room 143 (south hallway), Room 227 (upstairs), and the Nursery (west hallway).

Our Giving Project for 2023/24 supports The Argentine University Bible Association, a Christian student movement that shares the gospel on academic campuses throughout Argentina. The money raised will go towards buying textbooks for students studying to be church leaders. Our goal is $400 - thats 10 textbooks!

service times

Sundays | 9:15 am + 11:15 am

Questions? Want to sign-up for ekids updates?
Contact pastor kelsey.