simple and sincere

Prayer seems like it should be simple, but when we actually sit down and start it can often feel awkward and clumsy. What do we pray about? How long do we pray? What words do we use? For those of us who’ve grown up in church, asking how we should pray feels like asking someone who just introduced themselves for their name. We’re embarrassed to ask because we should know. 

The truth is prayer is more simple than we often make it. Roger Fredrickson describes prayer as “Talking with God”, and it’s hard to find a more apt description. When it comes down to it, prayer is communication, and that communication is the basis of our relationship with God. When we pray we are able to realign ourselves with God and to release the things that we’re holding onto. 

On this page, you'll find a variety of resources for prayer, including some frameworks that may help you as you approach prayer times, ways to help you keep track of prayer requests, and ideas on how to integrate more prayer into your daily life. 



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