youth serve trips

God’s world is bigger

than ours.


Known as the last frontier, Alaska boasts breathtaking landscapes, diverse people groups, and a mission field like no other. Alaska sevre trips combine the element of adventure with the opportunity to encourage ministry leaders who are serving in some of the most difficult places in the American nation.

Despite Alaska’s rugged beauty, mystery, and alluring fishing tourism during the long summer days, Alaska is not without great need. Poverty, homelessness, teenage suicide, seasonal affective disorder, drugs, and alcoholism plague every region of the state. The long winters and many hours of darkness take a great toll on the Alaskan people and their mental/emotional health. On the Alaska serve trip, the Ellerslie Youth team will have the opportunity to partner alongside local churches, as well as colleges, nonprofits, and Christian camps. These established ministries are targeting the struggles listed above and working together to make a much-needed difference.

The summer season, however short, yields long hours of daylight - hours spent hustling to treat building exteriors, paint, build, maintain, and accomplish whatever can only be done during the warmer days. Much help is needed, and the ministry connections we will be working with have opened their arms wide to visiting mission teams who are ready to work hard and share the Gospel.


Stay tuned for Summer 2024!