Discipleship Curriculum



Doctrine concerns what we know, and by extension how we think about God and our lives. These sessions revolve around exploring what we believe about many common areas of theology, from the bible, to the trinity, to the end times.

Spiritual Practices

As Christians, our lives are shaped by the reality of what we know through the bible, and God's revelation to us, but it goes beyond what we know and moves into practice. Reading the bible, Prayer, Fasting and many other things that we can do to grow our faith and go deeper in our relationship with God.


Before Jesus Ascended, he left us a challenge to Go into the world sharing the message of the Gospel. We do this corporately as a church through programs like alpha, but we also live it out individually as we walk alongside our friends, family, neighbours and coworkers. These session concern what the mission is, how we live it out, and how we can become more effective at sharing our faith with others.